BICO ICO launched

What is BICO ICO?
BICO ICO is a fundraising activity for online entertainment platforms.
As for the development prospects, it certainly exists, because the online gambling market is growing at a rate of about 10.8% every year. By 2022, experts believe that the industry’s turnover will reach 82 billion US dollars.

About BICO
Betting is a huge business, but the online betting industry is plagued by multiple problems. There is an overall perception of unfairness due to security issues, lack of transparency and social character, unfair odds, high fees and low returns – all factors alienating many potential bettors or driving them to underground betting.

What is the point of ensuring the success of the project?
We build a betting platform completely towards players with the lowest cost we can collect. It ensures maximum profits, safety and fairness for all players.

What guarantees the development and value of TOKEN?
We always ensure profits from games are built, besides.

We all know that there is no biggest stable business. However, our work in multiple directions allows us to reduce the risk of deficits to zero.